About Julianna Rheault, CRNP

Our Focus is on YOU.

InShapeMD~Severna Park started with a simple premise: Make available to every woman and man the health resources she or he needs to live a healthy, active, and long life. At the same time, educate our patients about the importance of preventative health measures.

Your Success Becomes Our Success

This same idea still drives us today. The track record we’ve accumulated over the years speaks to our commitment to our patients, their families, and the community at large. All of our facilities are clean and modern, with the latest technology at our disposal. Just as important, both our medical and office staffs are second to none. We think you’ll notice the difference immediately when you step foot inside our doors. We’d love to see you today to map out a health and wellness plan that’s tailored to your health history and needs.

Julianna Rheault, CRNP

Julie Rheault, CRNP
Julie Rheault, CRNP

Julianna is our Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner here at InShapeMD~Severna Park. Julianna has spent decades in the medical field, working with both men and women and assisting them with their health. She truly enjoys helping others and her passion truly shows.

Her career spans over 37 years and she has worked in multiple settings guiding patients on many subjects including weight loss, hormonal wellness and overall living towards a healthier lifestyle. Additionally she truly practices what she preaches. For the last several years she has consistently taken better care of herself with a healthier lifestyle, regular fitness program and understands what is involved to reduce her own body weight by 40 pounds and how to keep it off.



Lee Sallustio

Lee Sallustio, Nutrition Professional
Lee Sallustio,
Nutrition Professional

Lee Sallustio is a career fitness, health and nutrition professional. Lee decided at an early age that she was going to be a fitness and nutrition expert and built an outstanding resume within the field. Lee has been a personal fitness trainer, a nutritional consultant, a business consultant, a general manager and an owner. She has guided thousands of people to wellness through her nutritional guidance, her training expertise and overall knowledge of wellness.

Lee has worked with people of all different ages, various fitness levels and all different needs. Lee has 30+ years in the industry, along with multiple advanced degrees in fitness, such as kinesiology, nutrition and exercise science. Her background gives Lee not only the experience but the ability to assess, create and coach programming for anyone’s fitness and wellness needs.

Lee has a passion for bringing people to wellness and optimal health. She has served 1000’s of members in nutritional guidance. For over 13 years, she owned a nutrition and fitness studio in Annapolis called In Good Health. Presently she co- owns InShapeMD~Severna Park and HappyLee Fitness. Lee has lead teams and departments in large health clubs and small studios. She understands how to develop programs for customers and over her career she has developed some of the best programming within the fitness industry. Lee is a wellness expert, and anyone who gets the chance to work with her will learn in a short period that their life is about to get better.


Angie McCormick

Angie McCormick, Medical Assistant
Angie McCormick, Medical Assistant

Angie is a medical assistant with 9 years clinical experience. Angie handles all appointments/blood work/lab work and general office needs.

She is really the driving force in keeping InShapeMD moving smoothly. We are so grateful to have her as part of our team but more importantly we are happy that she is part of the culture of customer service that we want to be known for. Angie has played a big role in our early success.



Combining Health and Fitness

Your body needs more than just physical activity. It is about complete wellness. At InShapeMD ~ Severna Park we provide you with the proper tools and support to transform your health and your life. Our passion is helping you manage your health with a comprehensive plan addressing your personal health goals – whether they be weight loss, anti-aging or nutrition in a professional, medically supervised, boutique wellness clinic setting. – we have it all.

It’s not just another weight loss program with celebrity spokespeople and bad tasting, expensive food. Our programs are comprehensive, medically guided and a personalized approach to weight loss and total wellness. Our weight loss programs are not expensive, confusing treatment options which leave your wallet lighter, but not your weight. Our medical weight loss center creates programs which are realistic. You feel like you can stick to our plans. Depending on the circumstances, your plan may include Hormone Replacement Therapy, as some people find themselves unable to lose weight due to imbalanced hormones. Hormone Replacement Therapy has various other benefits in addition to possible weight loss.

We offer several options of weight loss for a person who wants to feel and look healthier. Some of these options can include:

  • Weight Loss Medications
  • Exercise and Diet Plans
  • Vitamin Supplements
  • Bioidentical Hormone Replacement
  • Weight Loss Injections
  • Nutritional Therapy
  • Non-invasive Weight Loss Procedures

There is a new practice in the world of medicine. It all begins with a focus on wellness instead of sickness. Quite an interesting concept when you think about it. Suddenly, life is full of new possibilities. What if you could actually re-invent yourself? We truly believe you can!

Call Baltimore HCG Diet Specialist, Julianne Rheault, CRNP of InShapeMD Severna Park today to schedule your FREE weight loss consultation.