Patient Testimonials of our HCG Diet

“InShapeMD~ Severna Park saved my life!! I was battling for years with weight loss & gain. I used to compare my weight & health to a yo yo! I started the program in February and successfully completed the program in 6 weeks. I can’t call it a diet program or plan because it was and still is a health choice! I lost over 40 pounds & have kept the weight off! I didn’t exercise before (unless you consider fork to mouth lol) and after completing the program I did have the energy & desire to start working out. Phase 1 was tough at first but only because sugar was my bff or so I thought. 4 days in phase 1 I was so happy with myself and my new choice of healthy living. Phase 2 was super easy & taught me the skills I needed to maintain. Having weekly appointments with Lee made it so much easier for me to give it 100% because she was a wonderful coach! I would recommend InShapeMD Severna Park to everyone I know!!” – T. Soto

“I have maintained my weight while building muscle and dropping my body fat. My energy level is amazing. Chuck and Lee are truly great people and I am thankful to have met them.” – Bob G.

“Going to ISMD was by far the best decision i have made. I am in the best shape of my life and learned so much about what foods work with me and against me. I would definitely recommend them to anyone ready for a real change in their diet and heath.” – Rebecca H.

“I enjoyed my experience with InShapeMD~Severna Park. I lost 20lbs and have maintained my weight loss almost 2 months later. I was feeling fatigue and tired. Now I’m feeling better with energy and Im drinking more water and eating healthier. I stopped eating everything on my plate and stop eating when I get full. Such a huge impact on my diet. Thanks InShapeMD Severna Park ♥.” – Rachel L.

“I started the Countdown Program about 2 1/2 months ago and have lost 35lbs. I have learned that I can control what I put in my mouth and that it can be very empowering to control your eating habits. Losing weight with HCG has been great because of how the weight comes off; you can see the difference in a completely good way. And, through the weight loss, less than a pound was muscle, which is what makes the results look so different.

I feel very fortunate to have a coach through the process, which helps with the emotional aspects both good and bad. In my case, I have had the good fortune to have 3 coaches. Each one has provided a different perspective that has been helpful for different challenges along the way. I never imagined I would do a diet a like this as it requires a real commitment, but with the support of my coaches, I have not felt like I was alone, at any point.” – Allison

“I lost 34.3 lbs in 6 weeks and went from a tight fitting 38″ pants to size 34”. Thank you InShapeMD Severna Park” Not only did Vernon get back to being his super healthier self in a fairly short period of time, he continued on for the full 10 weeks of his protocol while he learned to eat healthy for life and got back to his regular workouts. His back pain improved big time. Nothing beats feeling great. – Vernon

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